Sunday, June 6, 2010

Learning slowly...

Alright, there is a lot to learn to this blogging business. I will keep at it. In the mean time here are some more photos of my sweet class from this past year!

OK, our Mentos Experiment worked! We tried this experiment as a part of our Liquids, Gas and Solids unit. Fun! The kids were so excited and I spent the rest of the day with Coke all over my WHITE sweater. Worth it! Can you see how high the Coke spewed?! That window is app. 9 feet high-cool.

Now class, this is what can happen when a solid combines with a liquid AND a gas at the same time...

This was an activity from one of my Homework Bags but I wanted the whole class to participate. They each had their picture taken (I know the glasses look a little Elton John-ish) then they each wrote about what they would do...

If I were President...
  • I would decorate the White House
  • I would fly on Air Force One
  • I would have my statue made
  • I would make important decisions
  • I would give everyone candy

This was one of my favorite pages in their end of the year scrapbooks!