Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Break/School Prep Part Four!

OK, scrapbooks!  Where to begin...actually, as soon as you complete one class set at the end of the year, you take a few week's break and you get a serious start on next year's set!!  Seriously.  I know this must seem like a crazy endeavor and as a team, we do question our sanity somewhere in mid-May every year when we show up at school bleary-eyed and comparing how many hours we spent on these things over the weekend, griping and carrying on!  BUT, it is a labor of love and I imagine we will keep it up until one of us cries uncle!

I can't explain how proud the children are to present this collection of their year's work to their parents on our Awards is priceless and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Every year, we (our team) all come up with what we can do throughout the year to make this an easier here goes...

I start with a few pages that I can prepare beforehand during the summer.

I use the die cut in our work room before the building closes for summer
and cut out a few shapes that I like to use (school, shamrock and turkey).

I print the scripts and back them with scrapbook paper.

I make scripts for each page and file them in the order that we would
complete that page within the school year.

First Day of School, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Apples, Pumpkins, etc...

I cut out the pirate ships for the front cover.

This was the cover I used this year.  I included a photo of each child wearing our
pirate hat on the left side of each cover.  So cute!


Messy...keep plenty of scissors, glue and water bottles on hand!

This is what my First Day of School page looked like before I started using the school
die cut as the background for their photo.

On this page I include a class photo from the first day, their Kissing Hand and script.
I also use their First Day Homework page on this layout.

This is our 50's page that I prep by making the TV and having it ready to go!

I print the poem and have it cut out and ready.  I file the poems but I do go ahead
and get their handprints done the first week of school at some point!

K Scrapbook Handprint Poem 

Wow! 200 Followers!!

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all the wonderful friends out there who are following my blog! All of your wonderful blogs have so inspired me and my ideas about teaching that I feel very thankful that we all have this as a positive way to share ideas with each other. Thank you for all that you offer to share and for your encouragement in making what can be such an amazing job (although a difficult one at times :)) even better!