Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Prep

I hope everyone is having a great summer!
This is usually the best time to put together
BEE Binders for next year.
It's a process...

It is also a good time to re-think a few things. Ms. Potts includes a business card sheet protector in her binders to keep sight words on business cards for the children to study with their parents at home. Isn't she CLEVER? I think I will definitely want to copy, uhhhh-implement this into my binders this year, as well.

We all try to get a headstart on scrapbooks for the next year, too.

Can you tell I went to Sam's?

I am thinking I am going to try to learn this sign language method to teaching phonics. Mrs. Johnson teaches her children a Phonics Movement song called Alpha-Size. She swears by it and her students always max out our state DIBELS testing so... I think there is definitely a stronger connection in the brain for letter-sound learning when movement is involved.

OK, the plan is to try and make some fresh, new reading activities for our reading rotations during our small group reading time. More on that later. I will see how many of these activities make it to completion. My fingers are crossed...

Alright, my daughter is calling me a workaholic so I'm off to go have some summer fun... You do the same!