Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekly Newsletter #3


August 23-27, 2010

From Mrs. Hicks' desk…

This Weeks' Focus

I want to compliment you all on how well you have obviously raised your children as their behavior this past week was amazing. Cards were still pulled but overall, the children remained focused and worked very hard to turn in their best work. They are learning how to be Kindergarteners beautifully!


Language Arts

We will begin Week Two of Unit One with our Scott Foresman Reading Program by reading the story Duck Fix-It. We will discuss the setting and characters of the story and learn our week's amazing words. We will also read Brown Bear, Brown Bear and learn about types of bears, their habitats, food, etc. We will also work on story sequencing skills, colors and the concept of small, medium and large.


Amazing Words

repair, leak, steep,

ladder, puddles, shed



Our focus this week will be on the number One, the color Blue and the shape Circle.

Please have your child wear the color blue on Friday!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 428-7125 or You may also check my website










Important Info!

Grading System

You will have a packet of your child's work sent home this week. I have begun grading their papers with the following system:

S-Satisfactory (Super!)

P-Progressing (Pretty Good!)

N-Needs Improvement (Not so Good!)


At this point, I am looking for your child to complete their work in a timely manner to the best of their ability. Neatness counts! Please practice name writing at home. Coloring and cutting are very helpful in improving your child's small motor skills which in turn leads to more controlled handwriting. Any extra practice at home makes a noticeable difference!



All written homework is due on Friday.

1. Please complete the name writing practice sheet. Remember that only the FIRST letter of your child's first and last name is capitalized.

2. Four Day Homework Page

3. Practice tying shoes. Parents, I truly need your help with this. With 23 students, it is very difficult to tie 46 shoes! Thank you very much for your help. J

4. Practice identifying Lunch Numbers. (Each child that is able to enter their number independently will be able to go to the Treasure Tub!)