Sunday, April 15, 2012

Matter Matters! Science Freebie!

Hi! It's been over a month since I last posted, wow! Not sure how that happens but time is flying. We just completed our Rubber Egg Experiment for our Liquids, Solids, Gases unit that I call Matter Matters! Clever, huh. 

                             We start by reading these easy to understand books about matter.

We begin this unit after we have worked with eggs for our Green Eggs and Ham Day and for our Chickens aren't the Only Ones study.  It's a good segue into this experiment.

We talk about the Scientific Process and I use Deanna Jump's free science pages
 she has in her TpT store. 

Each child gets a clear, plastic cup, 1 raw egg and 1 cup of vinegar.

Of course, we spend a good bit of time talking about the importance of taking our experiment seriously like a good scientist does and how very careful we have to be with our egg before we get our egg!

We start by asking a big question. Exactly what do we want to know from this experiment? 

We decide on one big question but then several more specific questions seem important, too.

We. add. the. egg. 

We are amazed by the egg...

We start writing down our observations.
Would you look at how seriously they are taking their notes?!
I LOVE it!!

Look at the bubbles already forming on the shell.
The egg is the solid, the vinegar is the liquid and the gas forms when the vinegar comes in contact with the egg for a period of time. 

Next we make our hypothesis. I forgot to take a picture of the poster...

We actually have several hypotheses. I liked hearing their ideas about what
 would happen to their egg.

Now, we wait and see what happens!!
The Rubber Egg Experiment The Rubber Egg Experiment Lab Report