Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Math Centers

 Alright, a new year and a new resolution...Beef up Math Centers! 
After a trip to Michael's where anything with a snowflake
 is 60% percent off,  I started to get busy.
89 cents a bag!

This was app. $1.00. It could have been less, I was getting tunnel vision thinking of all the possibilities at this point!
(I can't find my receipt now to say for certain...)

I scanned the snowflakes that I wanted to use.

I taped the pictures of the coordinating snowflakes
in the craft divider along with the scripts.
The Snowflake Sort labels.

Using clipart, I made a cover.  I will duplicate this process with three other craft dividers using the different snowflakes that came in the package.  I want at least four Sorting Sets so that each child in a group can have their own.

I will cut these into half sheets and have them at the Sorting Center .

As another sorting activity, I will have the children graph the number of snowflakes in their container.  I will use index card file boxes for the snowflakes in this activity.

Another Sort and Classify game using snowflakes in a
file box along with this sheet and the sorting page below.

You should be able to click onto any of these worksheets to print. 

I also found these mitten shapes for 89 cents a bag! 
These are the mittens that will be used  to measure
objects around the room.

After reading The Mitten, we will have a lot of literacy activities to go along with the book.  I also wanted some math games to coordinate with the story.  We are going to practice counting by two's using these mittens and clipping them onto our "clothesline". 

So cute!  I found all of these mittens in the Dollar Spot at Target.  Woohoo!  I will give each student one mitten and they will need to find their "mate".  Once they do, they will clip them to the clothesline together. 
 I will have a running chart underneath the clothesline for us to record our numbers in two's.

I will use this as a follow up activity to our Mitten Match.

A one-to-one correspondence practice page to use
with  a file box of snowflakes.


Addition number sentences making groups of five.