Sunday, January 23, 2011

Matter Matters!

I originally posted on Matter in June but wanted to make the Lab Book available through Scribd. 

The cool thing about this unit is that you may begin it in January with added pages on snow and ice and then continue it during March for Dr. Seuss' birthday using it with Green Eggs and Ham.  The continuation into spring is easy with the additional pages on bubbles.  I love it!

I plan on putting together some report pages on bubbles, snow and ice so that they may document their facts and observations learned.  I will post when I finish them. 

Matter Lab Book - Liquids, Gases and Solids

Matter Matters

Liquids, Gases, Solids Illustration

Mentos Lab Report

The Rubber Egg Experiment

The Rubber Egg Experiment

Valentine Vocabulary Match Up Game!

This Vocabulary Match Up Game is similar to the Christmas activity from a few posts ago.
I bought two sets of Valentine's cards at Dollar Tree and used them for this activity.
I printed the labels on Avery #8860 (5160 template) to make this a little easier and it was!  This took just a few minutes to put together once I had the labels ready. 

The first day of February we will brainstorm words that make us think of February-of course, I will guide somewhat to make sure these words are included on this list!

Of course, you could use sight words for this activity or you could make it a math activity using numbers and number words.

Valentine Vocabulary Match Up Game!

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