Saturday, October 8, 2011

50's Day and some Freebies!

The 50th Day of school is FAST approaching!
We are currently on our mini Fall Break and I wanted to use this time to put together a few fun Fifties Games, not to mention...clean out my closet, re-organize my bathroom and clean up my desk.   Uhhh, we'll see how that goes... And BTW  we are officially on the 100 day countdown to the mister coming home!!  80 days DOWN!
Thank you, again, for all of your sweet messages and prayers, he is doing well.

But First...

OK, I HAD to break down and finally order one of these.
The past several years of putting something together has gotten old
so I bit the bullet and ordered this costume from Glor's Store on ebay. $75 later,
it is mine but the quality is amazing and she makes them in many colors
 and plenty of sizes! I also ordered some white Keds but there are plenty
of saddleshoes out there if you're feeling crazy!

I made this chart last year using Google images so that we could
 compare and contrast life in the 50"s and life today.

Of course, we had to read Dick and Jane books!

Although, Little Golden Books were first published in the 40's,
you can find plenty that depict life in the 50's.

On the 50th Day of School, we all wear 50's clothes, have our picture taken
 in front of the "jukebox" holding a (gasp!)real live vinyl album!

We transform the classroom into a "Soda Shop", play 50's music,
drink sodas from a glass bottle and have ice cream floats! 
 Last year, I had a darling little girl with allergies to dairy and nuts
so we had Jello sundaes instead!

 We had Fifties Fun Centers with Mr. Potato Heads, Slinkies, Charlie Brown coloring pages,
Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs and Silly Putty-all toys that children played with in the 50's!

This year, I am adding a 50's Graph from Deanna Jump and a few games that I have put together. 
It is a super fun day and good way to teach the children about the life
their grandparents (or great grandparents!) lived.

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay,
We Had Fun on Fifties Day!
Fifties Fun Math Patterning Directions
Fifties Math Patterning

I just added this label that I cut out and attached to a Crystal Light container with Mod Podge and scrapbook paper for the pattern pieces.
Fifties Fun Patterns Label