Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well, tomorrow is the last day of September and we are off for our field trip to the pumpkin patch so I HAD to get my apple unit posted!    Of course, we are incorporating all content areas in this study, that is what makes these units so much fun, year after year!  Lots of pictures, so hang in there with me...

This is where it all begins...

Every few days, we have a new apple for a snack.  One day, Granny Smith, another day, Golden Delicious and the final day, Galas., yellow and red.

Now, we use this cute graph from Deanna Jump's Apples Unit to graph which apples were our favorites.

The red Galas were the favorite overall! We used this opportunity to talk about More and Less-our Topic Two concept for EnVision Math.
We broke out the Math Journals to illustrate this concept.

My example.

Our apple poem from Jessica Meacham for our Poetry Journals.

We will practice identifying sight words, punctuation and rhyming words using different colors of highlighters for each.  The first time we do this will be in small group.  It will take a few times before they are able accomplish this independently but they will get it!
We will also make an Apple Book...this is the cover.
Good Job!

Art work for the Kindergarten Scrapbook.

We wrote our first sentence for this scrapbook page using mostly sight words. It was good practice for phoneme segmentation for sounding out apple.

We learned about the parts of an apple.  We put on our pretend lab coats and talked about how scientists research an object they are studying. We talked about labelling and making a diagram.

We have also learned about Johnny Appleseed, of course.

We finished a sentence about Johnny Appleseed.

Hard at work...

We sounded out the sentence together in small group.

We talked about important details to include in our illustrations.

Once we complete our Johnny Appleseed artwork, this page will go in our Famous Americans Book.
Naturally, we dressed up as Johnny Appleseed!

This photo will go on our Apple page of our Kindergarten Scrapbook.

We have read The Apple Pie Tree and will make a page for the Apple Book
about how an apple tree changes through the seasons.

We read Ten Apples Up On Top! and tied in More and Less easily!
We will also make a page for the Apple Book from this story. 
Look for that in a few days...
Apples Cover Script
Apples Diagram Labels

Apples Scrapbook Script
Apples Ten on Top Writing
Apples Parts Writing
Apples Life Cycle Writing

Apples Diagram Script