Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly Newsletter #6

September 13-17, 2010

From Mrs. Hicks' desk…

This Weeks' Focus

Language Arts

We will continue our Scott Foresman unit with the story Julius this week. We will also begin our Letter of the Week with the letter Mm. We will continue our unit on apples and learn more about their life cycle, practice this week's apple poem and hopefully, taste test apple muffins this week!

Amazing Words

Granddaddy, scary, crate,

Protect, sneaked, sharing

Sight Words

to a

Don't forget to wear orange on Friday!


We are counting money using pennies, nickels and dimes and will begin using the quarter this week. We have also begun learning about AB patterns and will practice making this pattern using apples this week.

Important Info!

October 1st-Tate Farms Field Trip- Please make sure that you submit your child's permission slip along with the $10 cost of the trip. Thank you!

October 25th- 50th Day of School

(Fifties Day!) We'll dress like the Fifties, play games and read books from the 50's, have root beer floats and a Sock Hop! Dress up for the fun!


All written homework is due on Friday! J

1. Complete Four Day Homework Page.

2. Read Family Times with your child and practice reading the booklet Little Mouse.

2. Complete Money Recognition Page.

3. Please continue to practice tying shoes-my back hurts!!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 428-7125 or You may also check my website