Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly Newsletter #10


October 18-22, 2010

From Mrs. Hicks' desk…

This Weeks' Focus

Language Arts

The focus this week will be on classifying and sorting as we read the book Baby Animals in the Grasslands. We will continue our study of pumpkins this week. We have read The Five Little Pumpkins book/poem and completed the first page in our Pumpkin Book. We will add this poem to our Poetry Notebook where we practice recognizing rhyming word pairs, sight words and punctuation. We will also read Pumpkins, Pumpkins and learn the growth sequence of a pumpkin. Through Reading Street the letter Pp and its sound will be introduced this week.


Amazing Words for this week:

pup, foal, joey,

grasslands, cub, calf

Sight Words

we my like


* practice making ABC patterns using a variety of items

* practice recognizing coins and their amounts * practice place value and counting by tens

* practice measurement of everyday items


We will estimate the circumference, weight and number of seeds in our pumpkin!

Important Dates!

October 25th:

Fifties Day – wear your Fifties Clothes!

November 11th:
Veteran's Day (no school)

Fall Carnival

Thank you to everyone who donated candy or a drink to the carnival or who volunteered their time. It was a wonderful night-PTA hit it out of the park! The BEST one yet! If you haven't yet joined PTA, please consider doing so. Your $5.00 membership will go directly to our classrooms. The PTA chose not to subject you or your children to fundraising this year (you and your child selling items to make a percentage of the profit for our school). Instead, the decision was made to function off donations and attempt to secure a few corporate sponsorships. That being said, your membership is very important to our school. Please consider joining. Thank you for all that you do! J


All written homework is due on Friday.

1. Practice reading Sight Words.

2. Read Family Times magazine.

3. Complete Math Sets Page

4. Complete 4 Day Homework Page.

You may reach me at 428-7127, or