Monday, November 8, 2010

Going Batty!

I decided at the last minute (last Sunday night) to add a short unit on bats and compare/contrast them with birds. I haven't finished all of our activities yet-most of which I got from but I wanted to share what we have done so far! 
We started by reading Stellaluna,
one of my favorites!

Then we made our own cave for both our bats AND our bear who was getting ready to hibernate.  Our Scott Foresman story for the week was A Bed for the Winter and we had already read Bear Snores On so the timing was just right.

Everyone tore a piece of brown paper and a piece of gray to cover the box with "rocks" to make it look like a cave.

Everyone helped and some got pretty enthusiastic with tearing the paper and with gluing! 

The next morning we made our own fruit bats and each child told me a Bat Fact as they came up to tape their bat inside the cave.  They love their new scientific word, echolocation!

Our colony of fruit bats!

Stellaluna follow-up sheets

After we read our non-fiction books about bats and birds we started to talk about their differences and similarities.

We made our first Venn Diagram.

Next we wrote in our Science Journals.

Of course, we also had to watch The Magic School Bus video, Going Batty!  We will still make Batty "at" families and write more about Stellaluna but that was my very brief Bats unit!