Friday, June 24, 2011

First Day of School!/ School Prep Part Three

Here are a few things I like to have for the first day of school.  I actually have this sheet on a clipboard in my hand when parents come to the room on Orientation Day.  I don't think anything is more important to know on the first day of school than HOW each child is going to get home that day!!  Our former principal liked to say that all of our efforts to educate were useless if we failed at getting each child home safely...truer words were never spoken!   And as we all know, with brand-new dazed, tired kindergartners this is no easy task. prepared!  Have this sheet in your hot little hands as you meet parents at Orientation and the morning of the first day to grab each parent as they come in.  Michele Potts has used a similar format for years and yes, I stole, stole, stole!

First Day Checklist

OK, so this is a bit cheesy but I AM a bit cheesy...I give this to parents as they are standing at the door trying to muster the courage to leave their baby with me at BIG school that first bittersweet morning.  I remember so clearly taking my first born to Kindergarten and standing in disbelief at her classroom door realizing that my job was to LEAVE her there!  Any small reassurance helps, I think...

First Day of School Poem

This goes home in the BEE binder the first day.  Parents help their child complete the Homework page and I include it in the Kindergarten sweet.  Again, Michele Potts shared this with me several years ago...thanks, Michele!

First Day Homework Letter

I usually print this on school-themed computer paper that I find at Dollar Tree in the teacher section.  Yay, Dollar Tree!!

First Day of Kindergarten