Kindergarteners will have homework each week that will reinforce skills learned and practiced in class. A packet will be sent home attached to a weekly newsletter each Monday to be completed and returned on that Friday. Each packet will consist of 2 or 3 pages which can be completed in one evening or spread throughout the week. Each page usually takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

This is a very important link from home to school since you will have the opportunity to connect with your child and know exactly what they are learning in school. You will also be able to work one on one with your child to help with any skill he/she may be having difficulty with that week.


I cannot emphasize enough the power of reading to your child each night. It increases their vocabulary, strengthens their comprehension and exposes them to many fascinating characters and places! The more your child is read to, the more successful he/she will be in school. There is the secret!


I will also have Homework Bags that your child will be able to check out. Each bag will focus on a topic or skill relating to Kindergarten curriculum. I have included games, books, puzzles and activities in each bag to make this a fun enrichment experience for your child! This program will begin a few weeks into the school year and you will receive this letter at that time. A letter of explanation follows:

Homework Bags

These are bags that contain materials for students to use while at home. They will provide opportunities for at-home practice of skills we’ve been working on at school. Each bag will include a sheet that highlights standards and objectives, suggested activities and materials.

We will follow a strict schedule each week to ensure that each student is able to take home each bag before the end of the school year. Twenty bags will be in circulation. Students will check out a Homework Bag on Tuesdays and Fridays. Homework Bags may be kept at home for more than one night but MUST be brought back on or by the following Tuesday or Friday so that they may be sent out again. Students will not be allowed to check out another homework bag unless they previous Homework Bag was returned in its entirety.

It is imperative that the bags are returned in their entirety, as other children will need the materials in order to complete the activities. A “materials” list will be provided for your convenience. In addition, each item in the bag has been labeled with the bag’s identification number and my classroom information. So, in the event that a piece mistakenly gets left at home and isn’t discovered until days, weeks or months later, the piece can easily be brought back to school via the BEE Binder and quickly returned to the correct Homework Bag. If materials from the bag are broken or destroyed, a small fee may be necessary to cover the cost of replacing the item.

In addition, the children have been asked to keep the bags and their contents away from smaller siblings and family pets; however, older siblings and parents or grandparents are encouraged to participate in completing Homework Bag activities. As a general rule though, all writing, recording and illustrating must be done by the students themselves. They are very capable writers and should be pretty independent when completing the bag’s activities. They may, however, need prompting (given directions) as to what question or prompt they need to respond to.

Participation in the Homework Bag program is NOT mandatory. If you find that it is difficult to fit them into your family’s busy after-school routine or if you simply do not want to participate in the program, please let me know that your family wishes to “opt out” of the Homework Bag program.

This is a fairly new program in my classroom and I am excited to hear your comments and/or suggestions for this year’s Homework Bags program. It is my hope and desire that your Kindergartener will enjoy the Homework Bags.

Mrs. Hicks

Please contact me with any questions, comments or concerns!
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