Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snowflake Experiment Part Two and Teaching Time!

We completed our Snowflake Experiment and now it is
time to see if our hypotheses were correct! 
Put on your lab coats!
They did soak up the water/Borax solution. 

They did bend/change shape.  Some bent when the snowflakes stuck together as the water cooled and the solution hardened.

They did harden and turn crunchy!
(Aren't these faces precious?!)

They did develop dots (the Borax crystallized).

They did not change colors, however.
Five out of our six hypotheses were correct!

Now it is time to complete our Lab Reports!

We answered the questions as a class and they illustrated their snowflakes.  They were so excited to take their own snowflake home that afternoon!

I LOVE science experiments and the level of interest and excitement it sparks in every one of the kids!!  This is the fun stuff!

Mrs. Fowler used this clock to introduce time when her class read Bunny Day.
Love it!!

She also used Judy clocks with the sequencing cards from Bunny Day.

Math Centers-two groups worked at tables with a practice page and some
Valentine games while I worked with one group.

Those are math puzzles on their table that I got from
the Dollar Spot at Target.

I am working with a small group to teach time telling using foam clocks from the Dollar Spot at Target (bought a few years ago). 
We are practicing learning how to use the the hour hand and the minute hand to tell time on the hour.

These are laminated books on time telling and money that I also found at the Target Dollar Spot last week!  We used them to practice writing in the hour and minute hands to match the time listed.  Loved it!

She got it!

We completed this page together at my group to make
sure they were all getting it!

I will post more photos of our February Math Games and Activities.  I am pretty happy with the way they turned out and the kids are working well with them.  Yay!!