Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lunch Printables!

I thought I would post this info that our team includes in the Bee Binders on the first day of school (if we have the lunch numbers available by then).  Once each child knows their number and can enter it independently at lunch, I let them take a trip to the Treasure Tub once back in class.  Last year, all but two children knew their lunch number by the end of the first week!  Woohoo!! 

K Lunch Number Letter Blank

K Lunch Number Chart

Two upper grade teachers use this spreadsheet for their classes and they shared it with me.  I LOVE it!  I staple this sheet on the front of a large mailing envelope. This enables me to know exactly how much lunch money has been collected if ever a question arises. 

As I check Bee Binders every morning, I write in the amount of money collected next to the child's name and list the total number of lunches to be bought that day, place the money in the envelope and send it with my lunch helpers to the cafeteria. The cafeteria staff has told me that they like the simplicity of this chart and how easy it is to read. They just return it to my mailbox every afternoon for me to pick up for the next day.  Simple!  Thank you, Mrs. Strode and Mrs. McFerran!  

Lunch Chart Updated Blank