Monday, February 28, 2011

Our America

Thanks to Deanna Jump and her Our America unit that you may purchase here, my class is having a great time learning about our country as well as some famous Americans!

Of course, we started with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington in honor of President's Day-especially since we were in school that day!  The children were able to choose which President's hat they would like to make and had to write two facts about that president on their hat.  We did this first thing in the morning when they walked in-hit 'em while they're fresh!

Abraham Lincoln Was Our 16th President

George Washington Was Our 1st President

I took their photo to include on their If I Were President... scrapbook page.

They each wrote about what they would do if they were president one day!

I love that they will automatically go to the Word Wall or their Word Rings to spell their sight words!

We also make a Famous Americans book throughout the year.  This page about Abraham Lincoln will go into their books.  We have already made our Johnny Appleseed and Martin Luther King Jr. pages and will add George Washington, Theodor Geisel, Eric Carle and some famous Alabamians-George Washington Carver and Helen Keller.  These page are incorporated into our units throughout the year.  I would like to complete a Famous American study every month, ideally-maybe next year!
We used Deanna Jump's directed drawings to make portraits of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  I love the TLC art we usually use to make these pages but Deanna's version was so much simpler, faster and used less paper!

Here is our American Symbol tree map.  We have almost completed our study of the American Flag and what EXACTLY the pledge means to us.  We will learn about the American Bald Eagle next and chart facts about each symbol.

Here is a literacy game that Deanna included in her America unit that helps children to identify ending sounds. 

This is the scrapbook page from last year for If I Were President...
it was one of my favorites!