Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Five Little Pumpkins!

 We like to use this poem every October.  I love it-I remember when my girls learned it!  We learn it as a poem and include it in our Poetry Journal to highlight rhyming words and punctuation.  I thought I would make a reading activity for them to use during literacy centers. 

At Hobby Lobby, I found the pumpkins, gates and stars in the wood section.  I used the foam bats and stars that were left over from a sort & classify math activity that I also made.  I love seasonal games, books and projects!


I used velcro to attach the pumpkins and the five story cards.  The children can attach the pumpkins in any order they choose but will attach the story cards in order.  After repeating the poem multiple times during whole group, they should be able to place the cards in order.

So that they may self-check, I have numbered the backs of the story cards.


  1. This is really cute, Julie. You are the Pinball Wizard with your scrapbooking skills!

  2. I am off to HL ASAP! :-) I love this poem and wanted to include it in my Story Telling center this week, but only had some old, very used paper/flannel graph junk! What a great, hands-on activity for retelling. Thanks so much for sharing this. WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER!

  3. Oh, well, we DEFINITELY need to get together! You've got me hopping, girl! I have so many projects/activities on tap that I have gotten from your blog! The kids LOVE them all-they had so much fun with the Brown Bear story map. Several stood outside our room to tell the story to their parents using the map during our Open House. That is what I love!

    This Five Little Pumpkins project was very easy to put together-I'm not sure how it will hold up but I want them to get their hands all over it!


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