Saturday, October 23, 2010

Letter of the Week

Our Scott Foresman Reading series introduces a new letter each week. When I saw what my good friend, Suzan was doing over at for her letter of the week, I had to get busy! Well, my husband had to get busy to build this amazing mailbox for me first. Thank you to Mr. Hicks! This is the third week my class has received their package from The Alphabet Garden and they are loving it!
Thank you, Suzan- you inspire me into exhaustion!  :)

I wonder what the letter is this week?

Our "letter" is from the letter Pp!
Our envelope had a pumpkin in it!

...and a pencil

...a tiny little piglet

and a popsicle stick!
Now we will look for the letter Pp
all over our room this week! 
Where will we find him next?!
We are also learning how to sign all of our letters and a word beginning with that letter.

Pp looks like your fingers are walking and your thumb is trying to hang on! 

I've got it!

This one is a little tricky!

Now we are playing the piano!

We sound out words with the /p/ sound in it using "fingers and a notebook".
Does /p/ come at the beginning, middle or end of  the word?

We stand under the Coconut Tree from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (see the letters on the tree) and act out the Read Well Alphabet Chant. 

 A says /a/
 Ant on a Apple
 A   a    a

 T says /t/
Turtle on the Tightrope
T    t     t

All of our literacy centers for the week focus on the letter of the week -computer (Starfall), handwriting, phonics, comprehension and fluency. We do create some of our own activities for the literacy centers but the majority of our work comes from these websites:
The activities from these websites integrate necessary skills that directly correlate to Scott Foresman.  The work connects the letter of the week, the sight words for this unit and target skills such as recognizing the characters and setting in a story or distinguishing the difference between real and make-believe.  

We also make a letter Pp page for our Alphabet Book. We use the Read Well Alphabet Chant for our Alphabet Book patterns.  Our Pp page will be Policeman in the Park. 

P says /p/!

I've got it!


  1. Give Mr. Hix a HUGE hug!!! :-)
    Did the signing page come with the letter, too? Tell me about the ABC Book? Do you do that along with your letter land letter or is it at a different time? Questions.... :-)

  2. I had already started the signing before we started using the letters in the mailbox so I couldn't fake that. We just use it as a part of our whole group reading time. This is the first year I've tried it and the kids are really liking it. Our ABC book is a compilation of letter pages we make each week. I do use the Read Well song as my template. Ant on an Apple, Bees on the Beach... I'll post pictures for you. I made the patterns when we were still using Read Well before we got Scott Foresman-it does make a cute book at the end of the year! I'll post a photo of the policeman in the park they just made-it is one of my favorites!

  3. I love that the kids are learning to sign!! I loved learning that and have actually used it! I love what you're doing!

  4. FYI I've gone to the school and put objects from my sound tub in the envelope. Thanks for the idea! This is so much fun - sharing ideas after so many years.

  5. Thank you, Jennifer! Suzan, I'm having fun using so many of your ideas-keep them coming!

  6. I recognize the p piano photo. It is from the ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign, and Read! book by Nellie Edge. I have downloaded many free ABC Sign Language resources from

    Carolyn in Oregon

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