Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sight Words

I have been trying to find a more durable way to make word rings for my class so that they have sight words on hand.  At our Habitat for Humanity (my reason for being there could be a whole other blog site for me-you should check out my sister at and see what all she does and why she makes HFH a regular stop for her!) I found a sample box for laminate countertops (odd, right?).  They are strong and have a hole already punched in them-perfect for our Word Rings!  I write our sight words on each card, attach to a metal ring and we are rolling!  I can't tell you how excited the kids were to get these rings and they truly use them to help in their writing.

We play Sight Word Search at small groups.  I say a sight word and they race to find it first-they are fierce!

We used this poem for our pumpkin unit, of course. Everyone has their own Poetry Journal.  We add a poem to our journal every few weeks.  Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots has a detailed description of her Poetry Journals on her site along with a long list of poems and graphics for you to use.  Some people are just incredible! She shares this and many, many other ideas that I can't stop myself from swiping! 

We use yellow to highlight sight words that we have learned so far, orange to highlight punctuation marks and green to circle rhyming pairs.  I teach them how to master this skill in small group but soon they will be able to complete this job independently at a literacy center.

We highlighted sight words in our Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. It is amazing to see how much confidence utilizing this skill gives a child. 

A few practice sheets that we use in our literacy centers.

They can be found on

If your district has adopted the Scott Foresman reading series,
this website will be your best friend! Also check out
 and of course,



  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout out! I haven't blogged in a few days..this pesky job is getting in my way of having fun. I keep my eye out for your rings whenever I am in HFH or Neiman Marcus! Love you - jen

  2. Thank you, Jen-a-faire! I miss you!! Thank you for keeping an eye out for the laminate cards-I'm trying to get enough for several of us to use so I will need quite a few. Love you.

  3. Hey! Add me to that list! I wonder if you could get Lowes to donate some out of date samples? This is a great idea. My kids are SO hard on materials - these would last forever (even with some teeth marks! lol)

  4. You know, I had thought about that, also, because what must lowe's, HD and smaller places do with these samples once they are out of date? I will try some of the smaller places around here first and see what I can come up with. I am loving them-my strugglers are whipping them out to use right and left-I think it truly gives them a boost of self confidence and accomplishment. I'm about to scoot over and read your new posts, girl!


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