Monday, December 6, 2010

Before we say goodbye to Thanksgiving...

Before we begin all of our December activities, I had to post one more page about Thanksgiving.  Of course,we read some of my favorite books...

We read a poem daily and then enter it into our Poetry Journal.  Of course, we identify rhyming words, punctuation and sight words.

We also add the Five Fat Turkeys poem to our Thanksgiving Book.  We tear paper for the tree and use thumbprints to make the turkeys.

The cover of our book...

We write a Journal Page for the Thanksgiving Book using facts we have learned after reading Gail Gibbons' book Thanksgiving Is... 

Of course, we include our Three Sisters page.

We learn about how happy the Pilgrims must have been to hear the words, "Land Ho!" after their long, hard journey. We all yell, "Land Ho!" and do a happy dance.  It's Kindergarten...

This is an activity that I just added this year.  I wanted a way to help the children distinguish between nouns, adjectives and verbs.  We use a different color for each part of speech- adjectives are red, nouns are blue and verbs are green.  I am wanting to have an art/writing project for every month to help reinforce this skill.

Of course, we work on this in small group so that I may help guide them in the right direction since this is a new skill.  Practice, practice, practice!
For our Thanksgiving Feast, we make a headband and a necklace our of Fruity Cheerios ( hopefully in a pattern).  We also make our own "buckskin shirts".  I dye t-shirts brown and after we have each chosen our own Native American name, we paint the name and its' symbol on the shirt.  I (or a wonderful parent) will help with the fabric paint, the children also add an AB pattern to the collar of their shirt.  We wear all of these things as our costume for our feast.  Ms. Potts has done this activity with her class for years so of course, I had to steal copy it!

We spread butcher paper down our hallway and share our feast
(grapes, cheese cubes, deli turkey and juice boxes) with other classes. 
We couldn't have this fun activity without some amazing parents.  And that is Thanksgiving in Kindergarten!


  1. Sounds and looks like fun! WE do the headbands, necklaces and feast in my room too

  2. I know it isn't very original but I love the idea of getting together for the feast and the kids love making their costume! Do you do anything else differently for your feast? We used to play games together with the "pilgrims" and sing songs but time hasn't allowed us the past few years. I would love to get any fresh ideas, Mandy!


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