Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be ahead of the Game next Christmas!! December Literacy Activity

I know all of your Christmas is put away BUT I came across a box of Christmas cards at Hobby Lobby for 90% off and the wheels started turning....and have I mentioned that we have been SNOWED IN for four days and will be out tomorrow too!!  It's either this or cleaning the guest room!!

I chose December words that we would brainstorm at the beginning of the month and made them into Vocabulary Cards.

I used clipart and attached a picture if the Vocabulary Word inside the Christmas card.

The children try to match the Vocabulary Card to a picture in one of the Christmas cards.

They can self-check with the Vocabulary Word and picture on the back.

Below are the the documents you may download to make this activity using any type of Christmas Card- preferably one with Santa on the front OR you can change the name of the game to match any card that you find on sale... Snowman Match Up Game, Christmas Tree Match Up Game, etc. I also included a follow up worksheet for the children to record some of the words they learned from the game. 

I formatted the documents to work with Avery Shipping Labels (2" x 4") to make it easier to put this activity together.  Of course, I didn't have any of said address labels to make this myself. :) 
But I'm here for you... cue martyr music. 

Happy Snow Days to you!

December Literacy Center Activity.docx.Doc Worksheet

December Literacy Center Activity

December Literacy Center Activity 2

December Literacy Center Activity 3

December Literacy Center Activity Clipart

December Literacy Center Activity Clipart 2

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  1. I love having a few days off to THINK and be creative! I see I need to make another Hobby Lobby run - my pocket book says, "gee thanks"! ha
    I love what you did with the Santa Christmas cards - such a great idea and so much of the work is done for you with the cute card.


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