Monday, March 28, 2011

Scott Foresman and Such!

I thought I would share a few things that have made both Scott Foresman's Amazing Words and literacy centers somewhat easier lately.  None of these ideas is all that original or earth shattering BUT I really like the results I am seeing with these centers.  The BEST part is these jobs require NO COPYING and the grading is quick and simple! Woohoo!

I downloaded these rhyming cards from Lana Holzer's blog and had them laminated.
The kids practiced matching them up to one another and you can see, it got a little silly!

They had to choose their favorite pair...

and write their own rhyming sentences.
This is a bit of a challenge so I tried it with my higher group first.  They worked on this while I Progress Monitored for NWF last Friday.

They did a good job and "got" the concept.  I will do this with my other groups but with more guidance.
She even made up a third line!

I just looked over and saw this and my heart melted.  I have never even shown them the Whisper Phones!  Why, I do not know, especially after I see this!  I love these kids.

Ok, another literacy center that I have incorporated once a week is for the kids to write and illustrate four of  the Amazing Words from our story on a Four Square paper.  I usually have them complete this as a center on Wednesday.  (On Monday, they make a Four Square paper using the letter of the week.)  I am loving their illustrations and the reinforcement it provides for the practice of these words that are often not the words that I would choose as "Amazing" from the story.

They have to read the words to me before they receive an "S".

At the listening center, the children illustrate a picture from the story but I have them write a sight word from that week as practice.  I know they should be writing a sentence about the story they just listened to but I have them writing their little fingers off so I ease up on them at this center!


  1. I love your idea of having them draw out 4 of the amazing words in a center! Do you have any trouble with your kids doing that center the first few days? Or do you have your higher ones do that center at teh beginning of the week?!!! =) Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!! (I use Scotts Foresman as well, so keep sharing those ideas! hehe)

  2. Jessica, I usually have them complete a Four Square paper on Monday with four words using our letter of the week. I will have them make the Amazing Words paper on Wednesday. They do just fine with it, even my strugglers! That's why I am loving it! (I have only been doing this since Christmas.)

    Thanks for writing!

  3. Hello, I am a first year teacher and just love your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas.


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