Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Dr. Seuss!

We started today by wishing Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday in our journals.  I didn't put a sentence starter on the board but I showed the children where they could find the words Happy Birthday and Dr. Seuss in our room (our birthday chart and our basket of Dr. Seuss books).  They also had to write "I like you because...".  They did a great job but did I get any photos?!!!

So...I mentioned yesterday that after playing the rhyming card match up game with pocket chart that today they would make a Four Square page using those rhyming pairs.  I was really impressed!  There were only two that struggled with it-most everyone got it!!  Yay!  I worked one-on-one with the two that had difficulty during our intervention time in the afternoon. 

We read about Theodor Geisel and learned what an
interesting person he was.

This is my sample for his page that we will make for
our Famous Americans book.

The children will also write facts they have learned about Dr. Seuss.

I thought I would include some predictable text about
all the books we are reading this week. 
We will use these cards again tomorrow as another reading activity.  The children will match word cards to each picture as they match them up again. 

This week is so much fun and makes it very easy to incorporate many standards into the week's lesson plans.  These activities cement rhyming words and nonsense words for many of the children.  I love it!


  1. Love the Theodor Geisel! Thanks for sharing. :).

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