Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Break/School Prep Part One!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break so far...I don't know about you but it is sooooo nice to get some extra sleep!  We have been very busy these first few weeks of summer but it has been nice to take a break from thinking about DIBELS, bus duty, grading work, etc.  It never fails, though, once I catch up on some sleep I start thinking about all the ways I need to get ready for the NEXT school year. I want to be prepared! 

Like all of you, there are so many things I like to do over the summer that will make next year run all the more smoothly.  For the first day of school, I give all of the children a Back To School Bag at the END of the day.  This isn't an original idea, of course, but I like to start gathering the bags, candy and other items over the next month and put these together before we head back for Teacher Workdays.  Once we go back for workdays, this is the kind of thing that falls by the wayside so I like to have them ready beforehand.  
There are many variations to this idea and you can find them by googling "back to school treat bag". 

We are the Providence Pirates so I like to have a friendly pirate theme to anything that I can.

I found these bags at Michael's last year so I had better start looking for them now!

For this script, you can change the clipart to coordinate with your school mascot
 or any other design you would like. 

Here are the items you will need to fill the bag:
Tootsie Rolls
Hershey Hugs

K Your Back to School Bag

Check back for other Back to School Prep ideas!


  1. Cute idea. We have done goody bags in the past too...what I do now is to give them a little stuffed frog (that's my classroom theme) with a note that I hoped they enjoyed the first day of school. They get it at the end of the day with a hug.

  2. That is too cute, Michele! I think anything that makes them feel comfortable about coming back the next day is great!

  3. Thanks for sharing!

    I can't stop thinking about school. Each night, I fall asleep thinking of a thousand things. We go back to school in less than 8 weeks and I know I need to REALLY get some rest. If you have any great ideas, let me know!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I am looking to update my welcome bag!


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