Friday, July 1, 2011

Math Offices

Our Kindergarten Team plus our First Grade Friend goes out to dinner a few times a year to celebrate birthdays.  Wednesday was the day and after a movie, we all enjoyed dinner at P.F. Changs.  OK, yes, we were loud.  Yes, we were THAT group of women at the restaurant who are oblivious to how loud and obnoxious they are being.  :)  Well, we don't get out much.  Anyway, while we were celebrating Michele's birthday (two months late) Maisha told us about a Math Office she was going to make for her class this year.  I LOVED it so I am STEALING it!!  Of course!  But she gets ALL the credit.  Right, Maisha?!

She got the stickers at Dollar Tree.  So yesterday, Lana and I hotfooted it over to DT and picked some up too.

Now DT also has stickers for money recognition in this same format. 
I already have some at school so I will include them in the Math Office, as well . 

10 file folders for $1 isn't bad.  I'm sure there are better deals out there
but I wanted to go ahead and play around with the arrangement so I picked these up.

I made a header for the folders and a 100's chart.

My Math Office

When I made the chart, I wanted to differentiate between fives and tens
so I highlighted them in different colors to make it easier for the kids to recognize them.

100 Chart

These pictures are dark but you get the idea...don't you?

The space below the color words is where I will put the money sticker. 
Of course, I will laminate the folders and add a name label to the front once school starts.

Thank you, Maisha!!
I can't wait to see how they look all shiny and laminated!!

I also found this computer paper which I will use for the First Day of School Homework. 
These colors will look great on the scrapbook page.

Look at these!!  Dollar Tree has plenty!
Lana picked some up since her classroom is decorated in a movie theme. 
I grabbed them up to use when we learn about adjectives. 
You have to check this lesson out at The Inspired Apple if you haven't seen it!!
(Look for the March 9th post.)


  1. Love these! I used a similar idea in 3rd but hadn't though about using it in Kinder too! Question, what program did you use to create your hundred's chart? I have a ton of DJ Inkers clipart but am having a hard time being able to layer and manipulate it. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jennifer! I just checked out your blog and I really like it. I've been wanting to try the clipboards, yours look great! BTW, I grew up in Marietta so not too far from Athens. Go Dawgs!

    Anyway, I did use DJ Inkers, the I Love America series and I created the document in Word. I inserted the border that I wanted first and stretched it to fit the page. Then under Text Wrapping in the Toolbar, I clicked Behind the Text. Then I was able to insert the table and text pretty easily.

    I have found that sometimes it is much easier to create these pages using this clipart in PowerPoint. It can be a little simpler to manipulate your text over the clipart.

    Let me know if you have any other problems with it. I've done my fair share of hair pulling and if I can help save someone else's do then I am happy!


  3. Julie, I am completely revamping my math program and love the idea of adding these math offices. Thank you Maisha!!! I will either be teaching kinder or first so these offices will be perfect! Question: Where will you keep these offices? If I am teaching first, the children can keep them in their desks. But if I teach kinder and have tables - what then? Oh, I have never taught a straight kinder so have a lot to learn!!

  4. I love the math folder ideas. I already have a writer's folder and the kids love them! I will be heading on over to get these items very soon! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Camille and Ashley, thank you for writing and your sweet comments! I will pass them along to Maisha!

    Ashley, I like the idea of using them for writing, I have also thought about making one for reading. I am thinking...

    Camille, if you teach a K class with tables -ours have four cubbies under each table making them essentially desks, I HOPE your tables do too. If you don't, you could always have a "work station" in the middle of each table. A container to hold pencils, crayons, scissors and glue but you could also have a space for the folders. I have seen containers that will hold all of these items but a magazine type file folder box could hold the offices, work folders, etc.

    Email me at and I can send you more info on containers for Kinder. Let me know if you have other questions about teaching straight K, it doesn't have to be scary but Lord knows it is at first!! But I wouldn't do anything else!


  6. aw man, now I have to go back to the dollar tree!! hahah love this idea! so awesome :)

    Miss Kindergarten

  7. Our DT hasn't even received their shipment of Back to School stuff yet. There will be no stopping us then, right, Hadar?!


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